Recognize Split Stone and its Types & Functions

So many elements that must be considered in the construction development process, one of which is the material or materials that you should know because it will affect the final quality of the construction.

One of the materials that is often used in every construction is split stone. Follow the reviews below so that you are more familiar with the split stone material.

Stone Split 1-2 (10-20mm)

This type of 1-2 split stone material is widely used for casting materials of all kinds of construction, ranging from light construction to heavy construction. Buildings that use cast concrete from this split-size stone material include Toll Roads, Buildings, Airstrips, Railroad Bearings, Ports and Piers, Piles, Bridges and so on.

Stone Split 2-3 (20-30mm)

This type of 2-3 split stone material is widely used for floor casting and other horizontal casting or concrete.

Stone Split 3-5 (30-50mm)

This type of 3-5 split stone material is usually used for the base of the road body before using other materials, rail bearing supports, covers or pipe ballast on the seabed, cast concrete breakers and others.

Macadam 5-7 (50-70mm)

Macadam is a small rock resulting from large rock fragments that are broken up with sizes 3-5 or 5-7. Macadam stone is usually used as a railroad cushion or as a layer for land hardening to be used as a road. The best macadam stone character is that it is solid and hard, not friable or easily broken.

To find out the quality, you can do a simple test by soaking it in water for 1 hour and then hitting it with a hammer, if in one hit the stone cracks or breaks, then it is certain that the quality is not good, but if you hit it repeatedly it won’t. broken, it means the quality is very good.

Boulder/Elephant Rock

This type of stone is often called the boulder elephant stone. Elephant stone is one type of split stone which has the largest size compared to other types of split stones.

Elephant stone serves to stockpile land or locations adjacent to the beach such as for wave-breaking concrete materials, beach reclamation materials, materials for making small docks or the most commonly used for building foundation materials. Boulder stone material is stone that has not been processed or stone that is still fresh from blasting.

Boulder stone is usually used as the basis for the manufacture of large-scale dams. The size and shape of the boulder stone is irregular. However, usually the size of the boulder stone is between 1-2 to 2-2 meters.

Through the reviews above, it is hoped that you can choose the best quality split stone and according to your building construction needs.

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