Good Quality Sand for Building

The strength of a construction is strongly influenced by the quality of the materials that make it up. Therefore, to produce a strong and sturdy building, the right and good quality materials are needed.

Then, how to choose a good sand? We will provide a brief review.

Good sand for a building is when the sand is held and released it is easily broken and scattered. If the sand clumps then the mud content is still quite high and the mud must still be cleaned if you want to use it.

The Indonesian National Standard stipulates several requirements for good sand quality, especially for mixed materials for making concrete (SNI S-04-1989-F concerning fine aggregate).

• Fine aggregate consists of sharp and hard grains.
• The fine aggregate must be durable (not broken or destroyed by the influence of weather).
• Fine aggregate does not contain more than 5% silt, if more than 5% must be washed.
• Fine aggregate does not contain organic matter.
• The grain fineness modulus ranges from 1.5 to 3.8 mm consisting of varying grains.

It turns out that choosing sand is not an easy thing, right? Contact us to consult about the characteristics and quality of good sand so that the building remains durable.