Boulder Stone Supply for Patimban Port Project

PT. Gerbang Watugunung Niaga has contributed to the Patimban Port mega development project, which is one of the priority programs of the Indonesian central government to significantly boost the Indonesian economy. As a construction material supplier company, we are trusted by our group of companies, PT. Timur Samudera Sejahtera to help supply 297,853.45 M³ of boulder.

As is known, the government has set the main goal of developing Patimban Port to enlarge the export market and reduce the existing traffic at Tanjung Priok Port. The construction of the port is expected to reduce logistics costs in DKI Jakarta, West Java, Banten to Central Java.

The Patimban Port project undertaken by PT. Gerbang Watugunung Niaga will spend one year, namely 2020-2021. The boulder that we supply is used for the construction of breakwaters as infrastructure built to break waves/waves, by absorbing some of the wave energy. The breakwater is used to control abrasion that erodes the coastline.

Patimban Port which was built since 2018. The development is currently in phase 1-2 (2021-2023) which includes the construction of a container terminal with a capacity of 3.75 million TEUs, and a vehicle terminal with a total capacity of up to 218,000 CBU and a 200-meter RoRo Terminal.

This project is targeted for completion in 2027. The capacity at its ultimate reaches 7.5 million TEUs and 600 thousand CBU vehicles.

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